Angry at the guy how to react?

I met somebody last week at a party and we got on really well.

Yesterday we celebrated together again and when we were a little drunk we made out and kissed, the week before we wrote a lot, every day.

But today he made out with someone else and wasn’t even with me, although he said he wasn’t one of them.

As the celebration neared its end today, he came back to me and became more “attached” to me again. But then I went home because I just felt ripped off and hurt too.

How would you react? Do you think it’s exaggerated how I react or how best I should continue to react?

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When you were drunk, you then “made out” with each other – this is how you actually start not really interested in another person.

You only know each other from writing and partying – you haven’t met in a neutral place until now. Apparently, partying is only possible in a “wet and happy state”, which does not at all fit into a serious “getting to know each other”.

He even “made out” with someone else, even though you were at this party too.

The fact that you are still thinking about how to react to it is very questionable.

Contact with him should be over. His behavior clearly says that he is not interested in a committed relationship or that he can still have fun with other girls.

Forget him, he’s not worth considering. If he actually only had you on his mind, he would behave very differently.

Of course he is interested in you, but probably more in your body and its fun.

You don’t need to be treated like that.

There is no point in hoping for something that will not happen. He has shown with his action that he doesn’t care what you think or feel about it.

“Then he was clingy again” – you should have told him straight away that you didn’t want any more contact with him. Why, why, why – if he doesn’t notice it himself, then all the words are too many anyway.

Whether he was drunk or not does not matter at all and is certainly not an excuse for his behavior.

Don’t get involved, don’t accept any excuses – because you have seen what he has “done” and so the subject should have been dealt with with him.

He would actually be interested in “more” if he had only been by your side.

Yeah okay that’s right. Thank you very much.

Everyone has to decide for themselves what kind of cheating to forgive or not. If I were you, I wouldn’t get in touch with him for a while, just to see how he behaves about you. Whether he values ​​you & gives you recognition. That will show up in time.

Thereby you show him that you have set a small boundary between the two of you, you also show him that you are not so easy to get & are not like the other women he has gotten around in his life so far, that only makes you a lot More interesting & especially believe me, he will notice that for himself. If he wants a relationship with you & it’s not just a one night stand like the other women he’s had, he’ll get in touch with you after a few days. But I would answer him absently, in short clear sentences, if you already know what I mean, he will notice himself that he has made a mistake.

If he really wants something from you & regrets what he did & it’s not just about one night stand, he will get in touch with you & have to fight for you.

Hey Sarah at this time, you can expect that there won’t be many meaningful answers.

Let the guy move on. He has no serious interest and only wants one thing, no matter with whom. Look around for something better.

You should not “presume” to assert that most of the time, this is not a useful place to write because of the advanced time.

Don’t feel attacked mini-pigs right away. If I feel that way, then I can say it too.

I don’t feel attacked, but how should you judge something if you can’t say exactly what kind of joke you made.

The fact that a lot of the answer doesn’t fit is not surprising.

No jokes, no nothing. Simple statement, accept it or not, I leave that up to you. Bye.

Oops. am very impressed!

This shows that he is exactly the opposite of what he said. No matter how you react, he’ll probably do it again (it wasn’t even a week until now). If you can’t stand it you shouldn’t do anything with him anymore. Otherwise you just have to “check” it from time to time .

Speaking of celebration and corona. Maybe not so great at big celebrations .

He is not a loyal person. I would shoot him in the moon for you. He doesn’t deserve your interest !

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I broke up with my girlfriend a week ago because she farted at my home that was just totally unfeminine and off-putting, sent sue out angry and broke it up via wats app, she says I react to everyone saying that can be?

So I was at a party the day before yesterday and was pretty drunk, exactly the same yesterday, should I drink again tonight? It’s a celebration again and I’ve been asked very often to come, I would go, but I would like to know whether it could be dangerous. thank you in advance!

Hi folks, I was at an Easter party with my girlfriend today. I have a friend who is 14, she was totally drunk and Dan I felt jealous, I’m actually not a drinker.

At a party recently I was extremely drunk, something like that has never happened to me before because I always know my limits, in any case my crush was at this party. A few days before he had written to me and asked if I was going there and that we would see each other there and I was really happy!

When he came I was already totally drunk and totally annoyed him, I hung on him the whole time, just talked rubbish and couldn’t even walk properly, I definitely embarrassed myself extremely, before the party we had A lot of contact but not at all after the party, he hasn’t spoken a word to me since then, which of course I can understand, but still I don’t know what to do now, I’m usually not like that, that’s just me happened once!

In any case, there is another party today and I don’t know whether it is better just not to go or to go so that he can see that the last time was just an outside name and that I am actually quite normal and maybe we will have contact again ?

How would you react. would that be a reason for separation for you? in general there is a lot of crisis at the moment.

I would write something about myself first quickly. I’m early 15, male, 176 cm, I actually get good grades and I’m usually not the kind of party-goer who picks it up, etc. However, yesterday was the school’s graduation party and I didn’t drink anything during the party.

When I wanted to leave around half past twelve in the morning, I met a couple of drunk friends (both also 15). We then just sat down and they took out a bottle of vodka whereupon they each took a few sips. Then they offered me too and I just thought that you can’t always do without and that I should have fun sometimes. Then we drank the bottle together and I was very drunk. We then all walked home drunk about 5km.

When I got home my mother was waiting for me and was of course extremely angry that I was drunk and kept saying how disappointed she was, etc. I then went to sleep and the next morning I was thirsty, had a headache and felt sick. My mother was and is always extremely angry and disappointed in me.

My father did much worse when he was young, but he’s also very angry.

Do you think it is justified that my parents are so angry and disappointed ??

I know it wasn’t quite ok but looking back it was really cool and funny. And actually I don’t regret it at all. I would do it again.

Because it was just so crazy and uninhibited as I’ve never seen it before.

What should I do to stop my parents from being so angry? Isn’t my behavior a bit part of youth? ??

Thank you in advance.

I’m 16 and I drove my motorcycle to a classmate’s house party last weekend and when she was a little drunk she sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder and held my hand, and later sat on top of me and played around in my hair and tried to kiss me more often, I dodged it but later I went into it and we kissed when she was with her tongue on my lip, later we did at least. Kissed with the tongue 4 times longer. I’ve never kissed before. We then lay down on the meadow and kept making out, but then someone puked and then the party was over.

I was very confused and didn’t know how to do it. But what does it really mean to her, she was drunk?

We have now met and talked to others again. Everything is as before, but we had more eye contact than kissing or the like.

I partied yesterday, got pretty drunk and then made out with a strange girl. Now I wanted to ask if I should react somehow the day after (today) and let’s clarify the whole thing (just like that, I don’t want anything from her).


I’ve been happy with my girlfriend for 3 years now. A year ago I did a year abroad. It was very difficult for her during this time and she met another guy who she also kissed.

After her fopa she confessed it to me immediately, apologized and broken off contact (she was drunk that evening) From then on I realized that I could lose her and when I came back we had a great time. However, in retrospect it came out that she had slept drunk in the same bed with him (it was a house party and she didn’t want to sleep on the floor) but she swore that nothing would happen to me!

Here’s the problem.

I really believe my girlfriend but every time I or we both get drunk I act like the last ass. I want her to be with me, probably because of the protector instinct or whatever. I really grumble at her and put her down in front of everyone what a bad friend she would be. I don’t want to lose her and I want to go party with her and still have a drink .. We have already tried that 10 times at parties and every time she went home crying.

I don’t think she gives me an 11th chance but I won’t give up anyway! I love her..

Can anyone help me It’s a shitty situation.

Tonight is Helloween and my friend’s cousin is throwing a party on a Gill place in our village.

My friend asked if I wanted to go there with her because she doesn’t want to go alone. I have accepted.

It’s my very first celebration and there will be a lot of alcohol flowing there. I don’t drink alcohol because 1. it is harmful and 2. I don’t like it. My girlfriend doesn’t usually drink much either. There was 1 slip;)

But 1. I’m afraid that my girlfriend will drink too much and then get drunk and that I’ll be all alone. Most of all, I’m a little afraid of drunk people because they can be unpredictable. And 2. I am also afraid that I will fall victim to the typical peer pressure.

So that I am excluded, laughed at or called a joke brake. I know everyone there because there is a celebration in town.

I have already told my friend, with whom I am going to this party, about my fears, and she promised me not to drink much. But I’m worried that this slip will happen again.

In the end, however, I would like to attend this celebration. I have to overcome myself. Maybe it’s not that bad after all.

Can you give me tips so that I am not so scared ?

the following thing: Two weeks ago I made contact with an old colleague with whom I got along very well. Only saw him at school but privately we had no contact and we didn’t really talk a lot, but when we did it were always funny conversations, he was always nice to me. At the beginning of the summer vacation I decided to contact him and yes. The first few days were completely normal, we also had normal conversations like back then, but one day he was partying and, like most of them, of course, drank. I was at home and then he wrote to me drunk.

The conversation got really strange and he asked me really intimate questions and whether I would sleep with him. We wrote until 4 in the morning and I wrote to him that I didn’t want anything from him and that I see him as a friend. This week he ignored me the whole time, he didn’t write to me or anything even though he was online and exactly this morning at 3 a.m. when he came home from a party drunk, he started to write to me again but now he answers not me again.

Do you perhaps know what the reasons could be why someone wrote to you drunk or called you and then ignored the rest of the days even though you get along pretty well? Have you experienced something like this yourself ?

I would be happy if I got an answer.

I (15) and my boyfriend (17) were celebrating again today and of course we also had a drink. But he apparently too much and is now totally drunk. I’m staying with him today, but he doesn’t want to go and can no longer walk so safely.

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