Confirmation in writing or by telephone?

I had an interview a few weeks ago. You usually get a rejection in writing, right? And a confirmation by phone?

What experiences have you made?

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There is no rule. Cancellations can also be made by telephone and confirmations in writing. That depends on how the process is in the company to which you applied.

But if you haven’t heard in weeks, it’s either a rejection or your application process is taking so long.

It’s best to call and find out more.

The recommendation “to ask by phone” is quite legitimate after a few weeks of the interview.

If the company decided in favor of a different applicant, the questioner should actually have received his application documents back with the rejection.

It varies, documents alias employment contracts are always in writing. That the HR clerk then calls and asks whether you are still interested in being hired, that can happen.

As a rule, yes, because rejections should take as little time as possible and you don’t want to take the risk of a lawsuit by inadvertently flippant statements, while commitments require further organizational arrangements (e.g. agreeing an appointment for the purpose of negotiating the employment contract) and this is easier over the phone and goes faster.

If you haven’t heard from us for weeks, you are probably either on the “waiting list” if the candidate you are looking for doesn’t accept it, or the HR department just hasn’t got around to sending out the rejections.

It is much rarer that the actual applicant is left waiting for weeks. After all, you would like to have this person and “secure” them before deciding on another employer.

Accordingly, my advice would be that you keep applying and do not wait too hopefully for a positive answer from this interview. The likelihood that it won’t work in this situation is quite high.

Thank you for your answer. Of course, I have also applied to other employers. This job is a public employer, more precisely a university, and I was told during the interview that they would not be in touch overnight.

It’s been 3 weeks now and I’ll wait a bit before I ask there. But you should never be 100% sure.

Well, public service / public bodies are a special case. The procedure can actually take longer than in the private sector.

You were right!! I received a confirmation by phone today. I didn’t expect that at all because of the long wait, but that seems really normal.

Thank you again for your picking!

Well then, congratulations and good luck in your new job :).

Hey, can I ask you something else? I have to move to Munich because of work and have been given a room in a shared apartment. Work begins on April 1st, 2019. The landlord naturally wants to see proof that I can afford the room, i.e. the employment contract.

Today is the 6.3. and the university sent me a personnel questionnaire last week, because I sent it back immediately – but no employment contract yet. Time is getting really tight. Can I put pressure on there now?

Or can they then reject me? They know that I come from further away (Mainz) and I need accommodation there.

By now you should know some kind of direct contact person (future supervisor / colleague) there, right? There I would describe exactly this situation in a friendly and collegial manner and ask for advice on how we might be able to solve this dilemma together (!) Now :).

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