Control Youtube video with keyboard?

when I click on a video I can skip it back and forth with the arrow keys for the first few minutes and pause with the space bar. At some point, however, the point comes where you can no longer use the keyboard. Only with the mouse.

Question: How can I set that you can always control the video with the arrow keys + space bar?

thank you in advance.

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I haven’t had yet. Another program may be stealing focus. A try: as soon as the problem arises, press Alt + spaces. This will open the window menu of the active window.

Then select Move in the menu (you may have to click Restore beforehand if the window is maximized) to find out whether it is the browser window or another. If it’s another, you’ve found the culprit. Otherwise.

I do not know either.

similar questions.

Is there a program or something?

Hey, I bought the Opressor mk2 but found it spongy to control with the mouse. But now I have the problem that I cannot shoot with the spacebar on the keyboard, as it is always described. What can I do?

If you quickly right-click on the video on the tablet or smartphone, the video will fast forward 10 seconds. With the PC you can do this with the arrow keys when watching a YouTube video, but only for 5 seconds.

Why is this not done uniformly?

You can, for example, skip a song in the Spotify application or control the volume using the keyboard?

since today i can no longer pause a video on youtube using the space bar. The video is in focus and pressing the spacebar to continue the video works as usual. But don’t pause that.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

PS: I know the Shorcut K, but I prefer to pause / resume with space bar.

I just noticed what exactly is going wrong. If the video is already paused, clicking the space bar causes the video to run for 0.01 seconds and then pause again. If the video is already running, the space bar stops the video for 0.01 seconds and then it continues again.

So youtube somehow registers twice with a click of the space bar.

On other websites, the space bar works normally.

I would like to control my cell phone with my laptop’s keyboard and mouse.

Mainly for games.

I’ve already tried DeskDock, but it’s not compatible with games.

Is there a possibility to display Android games on the mobile phone and to control this with the mouse and keyboard of the laptop?

PS .: It should preferably work for the game Minecraft PE.

Thanks in advance.

Hello dear gutefrage community,

I started my PC this morning and found that my mouse and keyboard weren’t working, making my PC impossible to use.

The strange thing is that both my mouse and keyboard work on a different PC. So the problem is more with the USB ports. Unfortunately, I cannot look at the settings of my PC in this regard, because I cannot access the settings without an operating option. Is there another way to operate the PC (maybe connect to another PC or something?)

You can’t imagine how grateful I would be if we can solve this problem.

how can i activate the mouse in the spintires game or make it visible or can i just control the game with the keyboard.

If I z. B Playing Minecraft and looking around while pressing the space bar, I can no longer look around and have to get away from the space bar.

Today I bought an Xbox controller (which, according to the packaging, also works on a PC) and now I want to use the left or right joystick instead of the arrow keys on the keyboard to play some games that only require the arrow keys. Now, however, the question arises as to how or whether this works at all and whether you need a program for it.

Thanks already for the answers!

Windows 7 64Bit external editor is selected in Irfnaview (VLC) all pictures are opened when I click them INDIVIDUALLY with Irfanview and all videos INDIVIDUALLY with VLC, but if I click on a picture and go through the arrow keys the video is played back with VLC and not with Irfanview.

Hello, I noticed today that you can connect your keyboard and mouse to the PS4 and play Minecraft. I played Fortnite 3 months ago with the same keyboard without any problems. The keyboard and mouse work too. The PS4 recognizes it is connected, but I cannot control anything. Even Fortnite where I could play no longer works.

I cleaned the USB pots, changed them, waited, plugged them back in, everything doesn’t work. I have a Corsair keyboard and a Corsair mouse both are recognized by the PS4 but can no longer control an in-game game.

I have several items in my portfolio with almost only mp4 videos. I think it would be better if every single video was played automatically after skipping with the arrow keys instead of having to repeatedly press the play button.

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