possibly reserved vs if necessary release?

I went to Berlin on the ICE. On the small screen at the seat it says “possibly reserved”. After the departure it became “if necessary release”.

What is the difference between “possibly reserved” and “possibly released”?

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As far as I know, seats are “reserved” for reservations because you can still reserve them until shortly before the train departs! If it says reserved, it means someone might have just reserved! As soon as it is released after departure, nobody has reserved! 🙂 Everyone who has already reserved a time before is only available there! 🙂 And where there is nothing, they are free anyway, because only 70% of the train is released for reservations! 🙂 – clearly too often written “reserved”! 😂

A seat reservation can also be booked until shortly before departure. Provided that there is still a free seat available. However, since this can no longer be displayed or transmitted on the train, it is usually “release if necessary” on the display above the seat.

I like to know it, too! Had this problem last week and had to vacate the seat 3 times because another passenger had reserved it.

The data is available to the railway, why is the display not showing “Reserved” or “Free” or “Reserved from. To.”.

That must be possible nowadays!

Usually this is also displayed, but unfortunately there can always be situations in which the reservation data cannot be transmitted to the train in time or cannot be displayed correctly.

similar questions.

So I would like to take the ICE to Berlin soon. But I’ve never ridden the ICE, so I don’t know what the seats are like. If I made a reservation beforehand, how would I know exactly where my reserved seat is?

And when I look for a seat on the train on the day of departure, how do I find one?

I am currently sitting in the ice in Frankfurt and have placed myself in 2nd class (I also booked that way). However, it says “bahn.comfort” above my seat. Can i sit there?

I didn’t reserve a seat but just booked a normal 2nd class train to Frankfurt.

I want to book a trip to Berlin, but unfortunately I only took the ICE once as a child .. What’s the difference between a compartment and an open plan (with a table)? sounds like that for 2 people. big on? And is it really as separate as in the Hogwartsexpress or something? : D.

Hello. I recently drove a long distance in an ICE and had reserved a place in a compartment as a precautionary measure, as I’m heavily pregnant and need rest.

Later, a couple with a dog wanted to go to the compartment in which I was sitting and they probably had reserved seats there, but I have a strong animal hair allergy and asked whether they could go to another compartment because the train was quite empty and there would have been room elsewhere.

However, they did not want to change the compartment and even asked me to show them my card with the reservation. Since I didn’t want to argue, I just gathered my things, took the suitcase and gave them “their” compartment.

I have nothing against dogs and I understand that they made a reservation there, but I wonder who was right now.

Do I have to change the compartment if someone comes in with a dog or can I insist that the dog owner look for another place if I have reserved there and they will only get on later?

I’m going to be driving a longer distance again soon and, like last time, I reserved a place in the compartment and would find it annoying if that happened again. Handling the heavy suitcase and maneuvering everything elsewhere is not the real thing as a pregnant woman .. otherwise I would have no problem at all 🙂

Hello zms. I’m sitting in the ICE right now. Didn’t reserve a place. However, above my place it says “if necessary released” ..

Does anyone know what that means? Has someone reserved the space or can I stay seated??

Thanks in advance.

If you buy a ticket online but do not reserve a seat, can you simply find a free seat after driving off? Or do you have to stand?

Hey, I’m a little shitty because the day after tomorrow I will take the ICE (Bremen -Hannover – Berlin) and I’m afraid of 250+ km / h that I would throw up. When my father was on vacation, we always drove around 190 and everything was great, my only question is what can I do about it that I’m not afraid?

Hello. So I will probably go to Berlin in about 2 months. However, not by car as planned, but by ICE. However, I am afraid of the ICE ride, as they have a speed of 300km / h +. (I drive with my mother. Just so nobody thinks I was driving.) The route with the ICE is Düsseldorf Hbf – Berlin Hbf.

Now a few questions: • Do you notice the “approach” or the “braking” when it stops very much ? Because with the regional train, the train often “jerks” after the arrival. • Do you notice the fast speed on the train? • What is the best way to keep yourself busy when you are in 1st class and because of vers. Reasons cannot read, listen to music or sleep on the train?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for the answers in advance. Lg! 🙂

Hello and indeed I have a question if I have reserved a seat in wageb 5 but the train leaves in 2 minutes and I get on in car 12, can I walk through the wagons on the train to car number 5? Or is that not possible I’m sorry I’ve never ridden the ice before.

There are train comfort seats in the ICE. If I sit down without Bahn Comfort and do not release the seat, what would be the consequences. If I don’t show the ticket to the Bahn Comfort passenger and the conductor and chase away or intimidate the real Bahn Comfort customer?

I am often on the way to Berlin. In the ICE, the monitors include the speeds are also displayed. I noticed that between Bitterfeld and Berlin only max. 180 km / h is driven. Up until two years ago, the ICE was still traveling at 200 km / h on this section.

Is the railway line in need of renovation or does the railway have to save??

Hello. I haven’t taken a train for a long time, so I have a question: Can I always buy tickets for traveling on an ICE at the train station? I’ve already read things about buying online and buying directly from the conductor on the train (is that possible?) And stop at the ticket machine at the train station .. But does it always work? (So ​​at the halfway larger train stations?) Do you have to pay attention to anything?

Seats are then not reserved, are they? (I wouldn’t want to either) And then the “normal price” applies to the ticket machines at the train station?

I’ve only recently started taking the train more often. Then also ICE & IC. Since I used to rarely take the train and certainly never ICE or IC, I had to get used to it first.

However, it is not yet completely clear to me how you can see from the outside, in which compartment seats are reserved and which are not. Sure, you can see it in the seat colors, etc. But if I just go into any compartment (I already know how you know where the first and second class is .. nobody has to explain that to me) .. Example 2nd class. How do I see from the outside, where the 2nd class is without a reservation? I always walk almost through the whole train and look for these places. -.- Or, I’m too lazy then to push myself through the whole “hallway” (with suitcase).

And sit down somewhere on the floor. But some somehow know right away where these places are.

Maybe I wrote that a little awkwardly .. But I hope that one or the other has understood me and can possibly help me..

Thanks in advance! (:

I am driving an ICE (Berlin-Bonn) for the first time today.

The drive will take several hours, which is why I reserved a seat.

My ** transfer time ** is a few minutes, so I don’t have time to walk down the entire platform to look for the right wagon .

Would someone have a tip how I can find the wagon faster ?

(I know the tracks are divided into letters. Is that helpful?)

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