Siemens / Bosch inverter defective? How can I test the inverter from the refrigerator?

My Siemens fridge-freezer is defective. How can I best test the inverter in front of the compressor? And besides that, does someone know where electricity has to be running all the time?

Power to the control unit, temperature sensors and compressor must be on the line all the time?

How can I test this inverter whether it is defective?

KG39EAL43 / 02.

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I hope that I can finally help you with this answer: You cannot test the inverter, you can provisionally test the compressor: pull out the mains plug, the 3 wires from the compressor. pull off, between the 3 connections there must always be the same ohm value (approx. 5-10 ohms), the contacts must not have any connection to earth, it is a three-phase compressor without Klixon or start-up relay, it is, as already written, cpl. monitored and controlled by the inverter. Please never get the idea to connect the three-phase current from our network directly to the compressor. connect it, it needs 230v between the phases, but our network has 400v, it would be destroyed immediately. The inverter costs around 80, – plus VAT, the old number is 00753847, is no longer manufactured, the new number is :12011909.

The control module above behind the panel is also no longer built like this, new no .: 00752478 or 12009746, approx. 80, – plus VAT., Make sure that the module is already programmed for your KS type, the NTC sensors (temperature sensors ) have the number 00420667, about 30, – plus. You have no way of testing the control module or the inverter, you can only swap.

Construction of the KS started in 2014. Greetings Norbert.

I just forgot: if you know an electrician, he can test-run the compressor with a so-called Steinmetz circuit, the value of the capacitor would be 7 uF.

Thank you. Have seen the other 3 measurements on the compressor. And 2 values ​​are added and the result should be roughly the third measurement. But maybe these are other compressors. You say that all three measurements should be the same.

The control unit and inverter cannot be tested, but only bought and tried again. Thought you could test such a circuit board and see if something is broken. There are some parts that could be broken. One question is still open. Does the power from the power plug always have to be present in the two cables upwards and to the compressor, or is it correct that e.g. power to the compressor is not always there and the power that comes from above through the darker gray cable is not always available?

Because once there was only electricity on the cable to the compressor, and not dark gray, and once on the dark gray, and not to the compressor. And I think that I had triggered a switch in the inverter through a test. That’s why I suspect there is a defect that a component does not switch properly.

Diodes do this in automotive engineering, e.g..

By “current” you probably mean measuring with a test screwdriver and not with a voltmeter, this “current” is distributed throughout the wiring of circuit boards with electronic power packs. This does not happen with old power packs with transformers , 12 or 24V DC voltage, so you have to be familiar with the structure and operation of the board. The other measurements on the compressor are normal compressors with a motor and start winding, they have different values, your three-phase compressor must have the same values ​​on all three pins.

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