What is a “lathe” used for, what do you do with it??

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It rotates the workpieces while they are machined with a stationary tool.

Quasi an inverted milling machine.

Depending on the design and accessories, most of them can be used to cut, knurl, drill and all sorts of different threads within wide limits.

E.g. cylindrical workpieces clamped in it and rotated along the longitudinal axis. Then you can use cutting tools to produce symmetrical bodies. So the bottom line is that the lathe does nothing but turn the workpiece.

Of course, there are also fully automatic systems with more functions.

This is used to “rotate” (in the sense of scraping off rotating, mostly cylindrical starting forms) Cones, plungers, etc. Workpieces => metal processing => wood processing.

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Hello, does anyone happen to know the manufacturer of this lathe? There is no nameplate on the machine, only a G can be seen on the machine’s gearbox.

Or what is the day for? What are you doing ? Is tomorrow a holiday Ne or ?

Which values ​​are necessary to determine the rotational frequency n on a lathe??

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We own a lathe. What kind of projects would you suggest to me??

I need a lathe to manufacture plastic and aluminum sleeves. Now I’ve looked at one that might be possible for me. Does anyone know the SWM Vario lead screw lathe Varioline 550FQ with frequency converter?

Has anyone experience with it and what is the quality! Thank you very much!

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