Would you do an apprenticeship as a tax clerk?

Please give reasons.

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I personally would hit the ceiling after a week.

sitting at the computer for a long time, telephoning a lot, working very precisely with numbers, correct spelling, cannot afford to make mistakes (otherwise it costs the customer money), hardly any movement, hardly any change.

However, this is the case for most office jobs. 🙃

That is not to say that this is a bad job, on the contrary:

the job is crisis-proof you have very good chances on the job market the job offers good opportunities for advancement (studies, etc.) and the cash payment is above average.

Otherwise, maybe have a look here:

similar questions.

I am very undecided! Have an apprenticeship as a tax clerk, but I’m also registered with the FOS to do my Abi! What would be better? I would like to earn money and not learn so much ^^ but am afraid that the training will not be fun and it will be too lw for me!

Would be nice if you had answers! Thank you in advance!

I will start my apprenticeship as a tax clerk in September. I did my Abitur last year, but unfortunately I have very little previous education.

Does anyone of you know books / websites / videos with which I can prepare for the training?

Thank you lunaanul.

which training is better?

Does anyone know how much a tax clerk will earn after training? Thank you in advance.

My apprenticeship as a tax clerk will start in a week, I’m very excited, has someone already completed their apprenticeship or at least a year behind them and would like to give me a tip, share experiences or tell me how I can prepare for it?

How much do you earn as a qualified tax clerk and in training??

I have a problem, I cannot decide whether I should retrain to become a tax clerk or a freight forwarding clerk.

I am a foreigner and already have an education in economics / taxation, unfortunately it is not recognized here in DE. At that time already worked as a tax clerk. I have endless fun;) Stresses, appointments, time pressure don’t matter to me.

I love organizing work, impossible tasks to solve, and researching things;) The further training opportunities are also very, very important for me, and as a tax clerk you have to learn constantly.

Unfortunately here in DE you earn little as a tax clerk. There are only 2 educational institutions that offer such retraining, and only from December or next year.

When it comes to the forwarding agent, I’m rather undecided. I googled a bit, and I was also interested, but I don’t know whether the opportunity for further training is just as good? And whether the shipping people are really well paid? Is that also a job with the future?

I have 5 educational institutions in my area that offer such retraining, and that from 1.08 onwards, so I don’t have to wait that long.

I also checked the website of the employment office and there are only 7 vacancies as a forwarding agent and 19 as a tax clerk.

I really need your help. what would you take?

I hope for a few answers.

I only have a qualified secondary school leaving certificate, but I received an invitation to an interview as a tax clerk. What do you think this is a good education? You get good money ?

Hello, I would be interested in how many tax clerks work in NRW. I’ve read quite a bit on the internet, some of which earn very little and some very good.

I’m currently doing my apprenticeship as a tax clerk and I’m not so sure whether the job is really something for me. What would you do? 🙁 should I complete the audsbildung and then look around for something else? Thanks in advance.

It is about the payment of child benefit for tax clerks who are doing the advanced training to become a tax specialist.

I completed my training as a tax clerk in 2014 and have been working full-time since then (requirement for a tax specialist). In October 2016 I started doing my tax studies and in December 2017 I had my written exam. According to information from my colleagues, I tried to get child benefit for the period from July 2014 to August 2016.

However, the family benefits office finally rejected the application on the grounds that there was no temporal connection between the training courses. Now I am considering filing a lawsuit (NRW). So far, however, I only read on the Internet that the training to become a tax clerk is considered an initial training and not a multi-stage training. In principle, this is understandable, but how can it be that other people have received child benefit from my course and I have not?

Just because I have an FK that doesn’t want to pay me off. Isn’t it easy to be unfair? How would you proceed?

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